The ONE Digital Fund Investment

I am sure you have heard about cryptocurrencies before right? You have probably seen that YouTube ad with numerous promised Lamborghinis. Now, this might be the reality for a few people, but not for the general population. One might say, ok, where do I start with all this?

At first, I would probably recommend that you make your own research about the different cryptocurrencies, you might be surprised of some facts. Don’t always believe what you see on YouTube, there is a lot of hype about certain things and some are just there for profits only.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin?

There are three main categories of cryptocurrencies; stable coins, which are tied to a currency (1 for 1) (USDC, Tether, USD Gemini, True USD, Paxos Standard), transactional coins (Bitcoin, BitcoinSV, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin) and platform (Ethereum, Cardano, EOS) coins. Now, I will not go into the details of all of them, you can do your research online.

What you can do when ready to invest, you open an account with a crypto exchange (there are lots, so do your research once again) However, even though fees are high, I recommend Coinbase. Great place to start for a beginner.

Investing fund

In September 2018, I started looking into trading and cryptocurrencies. Obviously it takes a while to get used to those highly volatile markets, so be careful.

In the meantime, while learning, I thought it was a good idea to earn while learning. I discovered an online fund which allowed me to do just that. I have been investing in this one for about 10 months now (since January 2019), and the experience has been great.

The fund is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is really secure, one of a kind. There is an online community on telegram and chat assistance through their website. Yes they respond quickly. I know some of you might be saying, oh it’s definitely a SCAM. Just so you know, there is no guaranteed return on investment, even though return has been phenomenal so far. And yes there are losing days too.

To conclude, I would definitely recommend to do your own research before getting in the crypto space, but with high return potential, I am sure you can invest a little bit of your money. Skip a couple restaurant dates, and that’s more than enough to get started.

My # 1 option for crypto investment


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